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This letter is in reference to Murray Thompson, a personal friend and business associate.  I met Murray in Whistler in 1998 while looking for a ski home for my family.  Murray was helpful and spent a significant amount of time explaining all the Canadian tax laws as it pertained to non-resident ownership.  I have since been involved in a significant number of real estate transactions in the Whistler/Vancouver area.  In turn, I have been very pleased with the high level of service and advice received from Murray.
My main goal in 1998 was to diversify my asset base from an over weighted portion of U.S.
equity investments into a more global and stable asset class.  I knew I would need honest and intelligent advice:  Murray delivered both.  Murray created a portfolio of “Trophy Properties” that have more than stood the test of time.  He helped create significant wealth and diversification to my overall financial position.  His vast knowledge and more than twenty years of experience allowed him to recognize, at a very early point in the curve, the development trends within the BC real estate market.  Overall, he diversified my holding to Whistler, Vancouver and
Vancouver Island.

My past success and resulting high level of comfort with Murray has led me to recommend his services and advice to many of my friends and business associates.  They have also enjoyed significant success in the same markets.  Murray’s knowledge, experience, honesty and
integrity are second to none.  Therefore, I am pleased to have the opportunity to write this letter on his behalf.  I highly recommend him for  any position within real estate sales.



Mark T. Donhoe
Piper Jaffray
Managing Director Institutional Trading
612.325.7753 cell